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ECHO Mission Trip

Fellowship of Christian Farmers has a work team at the ECHO Global Farm in Ft. Myers, FL this week. We have enjoyed warm weather, great food, wonderful fellowship, and we have finished a couple projects assigned to us already. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures.

Diana Buell and Liz Vincent spending a hard day cooking us delicious meals.  We are thankful for our cooks. 

Ruth Ferris and Liz Huigenbos peeling potatoes - working hard. 

Both Liz's & Diana.

Gary Cagwin & Patrick Bielanski putting the finishing facia piece up.  They torn all the gable siding that was rotted off and put up new, them replaced the soffit and facia.  Praise the Lord for cooler weather.  60 degrees is perfect working weather.  


Well, it is Thursday and our week is almost done.  We have accomplished alot this week.  We replaced the rotting boards on the pavilion, the girls painted the end walls of the bathroom house, the guys built 8 benches, Ada cleaned the upstairs in the shop.  We patched up the screening, and replaced 2 rotted posts.  Patrick Bielanski and Gladys King dug to try and determine why a sink hole keeps happening.  We are still puzzled, and we may just fill it up with dirt and hope it doesn't happen again.  Dave & Ruth Ferris folded and stuffed hundreds of letters and place stamps on the envelops. Hank & Liz tore apart a rotting gazebo and the guys joined in to help reconstruct it.  That's not too bad for a weeks work. 


Tom Brown making benches. 

Patrick & Gladys digging.  

Hank taking his job seriously. 

Deb & Liz trying to stay out of the fire ants and trying to help David King put the spindles back on the gazebo.  



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