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Pastor's Piece

Hide The Car Keys

I found the above bit of poetry hanging on the wall of a local business. No credit as to who the author is, but it's an amazing statement.

Today was the absolute worst day ever 

And don’t try to convince me that 

There’s something good in every day 

The world is a pretty evil place,

Even if

Because when you take a closer look,

Some goodness does shine through once in a while

Satisfaction and happiness don’t last

And it’s not true that

It’s all in the mind and heart


True happiness can be obtained

Only if one’s surroundings are good

It’s not true that good exists 

I’m sure you can agree with me, that 

The reality 


My attitude

It’s all beyond my control.

And you’ll never hear me say that

Today was a good day!

~ Now read it from the bottom up! ~

I found the above bit of poetry hanging on the wall of a local business. No credit as to who the author is, but it’s an amazing statement. 

We’ve been doing a lot of praying lately. Friends, both young and old are suffering. I say suffering, but if you asked them, they’d say they’re living their lives to the fullest. One is a 16 year old who has been diagnosed with incurable cancer. Another is a 93 year old who has also been diagnosed with cancer. Another is a 40 something year old who is dealing with post-cancer treatment complications. All of them love Jesus. 

Of course, no matter how you look at it, life is incurable. Everyone eventually either gets sick and dies or just plain dies. There are lots of ways to die and we’re familiar with many of them. But the purpose of this column is not to depress you, but rather to cheer you up because there are lots of ways to live as well. 

The people I mentioned above are living. All of them carry a smile in their heart that shows on their faces. The joy inside overflows. And we find joy in their joy. It’s contagious. They find joy in the daily circumstances that I take for granted and don’t even think twice about. Joy in a simple song, or being able to sit up in the living room or go for a ride in the car. At first, I considered it my “job” to cheer these folks up, but what I’ve found is that the opposite is true. After a conversation with them, I realize that they are the ones cheering me up and I didn’t even know I needed cheering up. They’re the ones keeping it real. 

In case you’re wondering what that is, here’s a short summary. Real living is living in the moment of God’s grace and being thankful for every breath He gives you. It’s finding joy in every aspect of every day. Real living is being able to look back on your life and in the endless story-telling, not being able to hide the joy on your face, the twinkle in your eye, and the pride in your voice. Real living is to be able to look back with joy – even in the hardships and the pain and the sorrow – and see how God took those sorrows and worked through the bad and brought out good – as He promises and as only He can do. Real living is enjoying the people you’re with today and looking forward to what it will be like to see Jesus for the first time – and not be scared. Real living is saying: “You better hide the car keys, or I’m going to drive myself to church on Sunday!” 

“I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me,” (Galatians 2:20).