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First, if you are a regular donor of the fellowship, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your continued support over the years. Your generous support has allowed the FCFI to continue to bring hope, help, and counsel to so many farmers and ranchers over the past 30 years.

If you are a new donor, here are some ways, your donations will be used. Our Walkingstick ministry helps us reach out to individuals to present the saving grace of Jesus Christ at farm shows and local markets, as well as FFA state conventions. The free walking stick is a great way to break the ice, share the gospel, or open conversations.  Some may be in a tough spot, or just need prayer or encouragement.

Our disaster Relief efforts are flexible enough to help with cleanup, fence building, tear down and rebuild where calamities hit. We reach out in the rural areas which are sometimes forgotten about but are in just as much need. Equipment and maintenance are always a need in this work.

Our staff at home office is where the coordination for shows, disaster relief, and organization all start. Our area leaders are traveling throughout the country to share Christ and encourage farmers and ranchers and meet them where they are.

One way you may not have thought of, where you can be a part of this ministry is to donate your time. We post a calendar of events coming up where FCFI will be and we’d love for you to come see us and help at a show or look for opportunities to help with a disaster relief effort.  We would be grateful for your participation.

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Send Check - FCFI, Box 15, Lexington, IL  61753





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When you give to Fellowship of Christian Farmers International, we help in disaster areas to fix fences, clear fallen trees, restore anything that may be broken. Our motto is “Compassion into Action.” Please choose “friends” or “family” when donating to avoid unnecessary fees.

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