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Jeff Goss

Jeff Goss - Fellowship of Christian Farmers Area Leader

I am blessed to do the most exciting thing a Christian can do with the Fellowship of Christian Farmers which is share the Gospel and lead people to begin a relationship with God.

I received Christ in my life at the age of 19 in 1981. I knew I had a call into ministry, so I attended Marilyn Hickey’s Bible School, graduated in 1984, and have been in ministry ever since.

I first ministered with the Fellowship of Christian Farmers in 1999 at the 3-I Show in Great Bend, Kansas. I was amazed by the reception of the people who came to us to hear the simple Gospel message using the Wordless Walking Stick. Many of those people prayed to receive Christ and I was hooked. I continued to minister with FCFI for many years at Farm Shows and the national FFA convention until becoming an area leader in 2015.

As I travel to share the Gospel at Farm Shows and State FFA Conventions, I still have the amazement that I first had years ago. Using the message of the Wordless Walking Stick is so simple and so effective. It is such a joy to pray with young people who are just beginning to discover their path in life and to pray with older people who recognize their need for Christ.

If you have a heart to see people come to the Lord, this is the group for you. If you are a seasoned evangelist, this is the group for you. If you have never shared your faith with another person, this is the group for you. We have outreaches throughout the country and there is a spot for you to join us. Jesus is the only hope for our nation and world. God is moving mightily so come be a part of this last day harvest of souls.

As an area leader in the Mid-West I lead farm shows in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Texas and I’m expanding to Western states where we have not been before. I also assist in evangelism at farm shows in Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, and Canada. The spring and summer months are busy at State FFA Conventions across all areas of the United States, from  Washington to Florida, and many places in between.