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FFA Outreach

Welcome to the Fellowship of Christian Farmers International (FCFI) – an organization committed to reaching out to the Future Farmers of America (FFA) community with a clear and unwavering vision: to encourage young Christian farm enthusiasts to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior within the world of agriculture.

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers has been blessed with the immense opportunity to shine the light of the Gospel at Future Farmers of America state conventions in over half of the states in the USA. This is such an important ministry because these students are the future leaders of America. There is a great spiritual battle for the young people in our country. Since the beginning of time including in Moses’ day and in Jesus’s day, the devil has been out to destroy the young in one way or another. Being in the last days where it has gotten more perilous and dangerous, the battles and temptations the young people face today are unprecedented. It is so important that we reach them with the truth before they get indoctrinated with the lies of the world. The only hope for our nation and the world right now is a big spiritual revival and God is going to use young people to help bring this revival to pass. With the great open doors God has given us to minister to the FFA students, we are able to plant the seeds of the Gospel in these kids to become followers of Christ and to do the work of evangelism themselves.

We have ministered to tens of thousands of these FFA kids and many of them have prayed with us to receive Christ into their lives or have rededicated their lives back to Him. A lot of the FFA kids have showed a tremendous hunger and receptivity for the Gospel. One girl in South Carolina became very giddy and happy after she gave her life to Christ and prayed the sinner’s prayer with us. She was also glad because she was now saved just like the friend she was with. One kid in Utah came to our booth the day after he prayed the sinner’s prayer with us and told us he had repented of his sins and went out and bought his own Bible.

We are also able to be a support to the students who are already saved but have grown weary in the battle.  Daniel 7:25 speaks of the last days where the devil will wear out the saints of the Most High so much of our ministry is bringing cold water to thirsty souls. God has put us in a strategic position to encourage these young people to keep praising God in the hard times and to keep their minds stayed on Him and His Word so they can keep their peace in a chaotic world. Many times, we have seen the countenance of the FFA students brighten up when we share with them how they have great worth, love, value, and acceptance from God and that His thoughts toward them are more than the little grains of sand (Psalm 139). One mother of an FFA student shared that after we ministered to her son, he came back totally on fire for God. Other students have come to us asking advice on how to answer the call of God on their life.

Some kids have come to us for prayer because they have been struggling with pornography or other sins or personal issues.  We have the privilege of praying for them and sharing the importance of meditating on the Word of God.  

Since we are living in the last days where there is deception and even strong delusion and kids are being fed all kinds of lies, I thank God we can share with them the truth from God’s Word. I have even had kids that have come to our booth seeking the truth about certain sins and issues of our day. Some have even repented or at least had seeds of truth planted in them.

Some of the young people we encounter at FFA state conventions seem to be battling sadness and depression. God loves these kids and wants to see them full of joy and peace. We are able to be used by Him to show them the importance of worshipping the God who created them and not the things of this world. We’ve seen kids come back to our booth a year after praying with us to be saved with a smile and peace in their heart now that they are learning to keep their mind stayed on God who keeps them in perfect peace.

If you have a heart to see young people following Christ and even to see our nation saved, I really encourage you to come out and help us minister at the FFA state conventions when we are in your area. If you can’t do this, then I encourage you to pray for us and to give of your finances towards this so that this great work and ministry can continue.

Please pray that not only will we see many more FFA students come to be followers of Christ but that they would get involved in helping us to minister at FFA state conventions and farm shows as well as helping us with disaster relief and even our missions’ trips. I believe them getting involved in these ministries will show them the joy of giving and will help them to grow in their spiritual life.