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Volunteer for Disaster Relief

Within the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, we are fortunate to count numerous members eager to assist their neighbors and friends in times of crisis, which our seasons often bring. Farmers, known for their resourcefulness, can swiftly mobilize disaster relief teams with little notice. Whether it's erecting fences, clearing trees, removing debris, or supporting work crews, we offer a variety of disaster relief projects that suit your abilities and interests.

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Volunteer for Farm Shows

The Farm Show Ministry stands as a distinctive and motivating endeavor, uniting individuals in the agricultural sphere from various backgrounds within the Fellowship of Christian Farmers. This ministry has its roots deeply entrenched in the farming community, offering a nurturing and supportive network for those dedicated to the land. It serves as a platform where farmers can convene, exchange their wealth of knowledge, and rejoice in the bounties of their hard work, all while nurturing a profound sense of faith and fellowship.

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Volunteer for a Mission Trip

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers International (FCFI) offers a unique and spiritually enriching opportunity for volunteers to participate in mission trips. By joining FCFI on a mission trip, individuals can combine their passion for farming and their faith in a meaningful way. These trips provide volunteers with the chance to make a positive impact in rural communities worldwide, sharing agricultural expertise and the message of God's love. Participants not only contribute to sustainable farming practices but also engage in meaningful fellowship, deepening their own faith while fostering connections with like-minded individuals. FCFI's mission trips are an incredible way to serve, learn, and grow, making a lasting difference in the lives of farming communities while strengthening one's own spiritual journey.

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