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Pete and Sandy Singer

I just wanted to touch base with all of you because it has been a long time and much has happened.

Sandy and I now live in an apartment in Fort Myers and on the 16th floor!  We put our name in almost 4 years ago and one day about a month ago they called us and we were able to meet the requirements to get in. What a blessing!!! It is almost 2x the size of the RV and we have a great view of the city of Fort Myers and the river.  The sunsets are fantastic.  We are truly humbled by God’s goodness to us.


Now for the walking stick ministry.

We have taken part in 3 events since I last wrote and have given away between 5000 to 6000 sticks and gifts.  The remarkable thing is that last year in the same events we gave away a little over 4000 sticks and gifts.  The hunger for the gospel is alive and well in this country.  There is a hunger for meaning and purpose in life that only God can fill.  The Holy Spirit is working and moving among people in all age brackets.  We have seen at least 200 people pray to accept Christ as Savior and God knows how many have prayed after they have left our tent.   We have so many stories of how the people are effected by the receiving of Christ and at times you can see even physical changes in their faces or even their stature.  We cannot thank all of you who have supported us in prayer and finances.


I have to share this one story.  I was talking with a group of people , mixed ages, and they all showed interest but there was hesitation on their part for answering the last 2 questions.  I didn’t want to push the closing so I suggested that I would say the salvation prayer and if they wanted to they could say it in their hearts. I then said the prayer and afterwards told them that who had prayed and wanted further information and a bible study through the mail to raise their hand, 6 of them did!!


Oh, I have to share one more. I was at a small event, we only gave out about 400 sticks, but there was a lot of teenagers.  I talked with one group and I made the statement that if anyone of them gave their stick away with explaining the gospel they could come back and I would give them 2. Well, a little time later one of the teenagers came back and brought 4 of their friends with her, and I had her present the gospel and one of her friends prayed to accept Christ.  Another one of the original group came back and stated he had given away his stick and could he have 2 as I had stated.  I gave him 2 and the owner manual and away he went.  Before the day was over he had came back 3 times to get more sticks and his comment each time was “ It is so easy”.


I have to ask a favor of those that are in a position to do so, would you mention our ministry to your churches’ mission board or what ever your church has.  As with everything else, expenses have gone up for the ministry.  It cost about $1.50 a stick including all the literature, beads, straps and trinkets we give away.  I know money is not a fun or exciting topic but it is a reality.  I only ask this of you, for you to pray about it and ask God what He would have you do.  If He leads you to pray, thank you, if He leads you to give financially, thank you.  If we all follow God’s leading then His kingdom will grow and His gospel will go forth.  This suggestion is the BIG one. If you are around and would be willing to help with an event, like the 1st Saturday in May in Clewiston, we would be so thankful. This is the first time we will minister at this event so we do not have any foreknowledge of how many sticks will be needed or how many people will stop by.  If you want to try it even for just a few hours, please let me know. I have to give a warning-- this is how Sandy and I got involved with the Christian Farmers, I was invite to stop by for a few hours!!


God’s richest blessings on all who read this email,

Pete and Sandy Singer